Blogs result in 434% more indexed pages and 97% more inbound links for your website.

Source: HubSpot

Blogging is the core of our Content Marketing Strategy at ContentFactory.

Our experience shows that a blog on your website delivers multiple benefits to your business.

Importantly, Blogging significantly improves your search rankings.

Google and other search engines reward consistent publishing of high quality content on your website. At ContentFactory, we professionally develop useful content in a variety of media such as text, infographics, videos, slide presentations and update your blog with regularity.

Our blogging process:

  • Blog Strategy: We hold a series of discussions with you to understand your target audience and your marketing goals. We then come up with a focused blogging strategy that includes key message, topic strategy along with tone and voice of the content.
  • Topic creation: We use a systematic way of combining factors such as your customer’s problems, desires, challenges and your solutions in order to create literally hundreds of topics for your blog
  • Editorial calendar planning: We mutually agree to a suitable frequency of blog postings and topic distribution
  • Content creation: Our team of professional digital copywriters, subject matter experts  and journalists create well researched, high quality content
  • Measurement: We set up Google Analytics to measure the impact of blogging on the traffic driven to your website.

Video Marketing boosts traffic on your website. Know more about it. 

If your website is not optimised for content, stop postponing. We will craft a customised Content Marketing campaign for you.

Sound good? Get in touch with our specialists to know how we can make your website work hard for you.

Sounds good? Get in touch with our specialists to know how we can make your website work hard for you.

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