What You May Have Missed About SEO Copywriting!

SEO Copywriting Agency SIngaporeYou’ve been dedicatedly polishing your SEO copywriting skills!

You are utilising all the hints and tricks to master this dynamic puzzle. But somehow your SERPs still don’t seem that promising and the usual optimization techniques are falling short.

Well, rest assured it’s not about you. It’s more about THEM! By ‘THEM’ we mean the latest Search Engine Trends. Fact is if you don’t keep up, they will outsmart you.

Lucky for you, we’ve made a list of evergreen SEO copywriting practices to check if you’ve missed out on something:

#1. Are you using an updated SEO Copywriting strategy?

If you’ve been creating content (some call it ‘writing from the heart’) in a disorganized manner, hoping some of it’ll rank eventually, it’s time to ‘get real’ and implement a more systematic SEO Copywriting strategy.

SEO copywriting plans are technical and may require updating to stay relevant. What you need to create is a beautiful two-way union in which the content supports SEO and the SEO helps to drive the content. Plus, in order for your content to weave its magic, it has to be enlightening, easy to read, well timed and SEO optimized

#2. Is your keyword research adequate?

In-depth keyword research should be undertaken once your topic/title/subject is finalised, before you dive into writing the copy. Find focus words, primary keywords, and secondary keywords – these are the actual search terms people are using on the net. Your content needs to answer the questions that are frequently being asked within your genre.

It’s recommended to include long tail keywords consisting of 3 or more words as this increases the odds of a match (obviously!). LSI keywords are still the most reliable option in this area. Just ensure you pepper your content with sufficient keywords to boost your ranking. Density is as important as the keywords themselves. But do use wisely… Spamming with keywords can drop your ranking like a hot potato!

#3. Are your headlines SEO friendly?

The traditional terse newspaper headline has evolved into a lengthy, emotional description for online usage. Missed prepositions, cold short forms, and stunted lines don’t hold much value for search engines.

Google seems to love adjectives. Try using these in your headlines: Powerful, Awesome, Special, Effortless… You get the picture, right?

Another tip is to pack in your keywords, more than one if possible. Then, make it emotional and speak directly to the reader. Numbers in the headline should be written in numerical form.

Speaking of numbers, headline length is also a critical factor in SEO. It shouldn’t be very long: 69 characters to be exact. Google mercilessly chops elaborate titles in search results. Plus it’s difficult to share a longer headline on social media.

#4. How good are your meta descriptions?

Though SEO trends keep changing, the meta description is still an important tool for on-page optimization. It is absolutely necessary to utilise targeted keywords in every meta description to be highlighted as a search result to potential visitors.

Plus, here’s the other thing: Although meta descriptions don’t impact web page rankings directly, a well-crafted one can substantially improve the click-through rate and the time spent on the webpage. These metrics, in turn, play a crucial part in search engine rankings.

#5. How foolproof is your linking strategy?

Google’s brainy algorithm is now able to decipher the good links from the bad ones. So when you’re linking, make sure you are linking to credible sites. Likewise, ensure your content is of a high standard so that rather than praying for other sites to link back to you, your content should speak for itself and invite to be linked to others!

#6.  Bullets, Subheadlines, and Short Paragraphs

Though formatting pertains more to the actual content structure on your web page, it plays a role in your SEO. Subheadings perform the dual job of guiding readers and assisting search engines to better describe your content.

Shorter paragraphs, numbered lists and bullets improve the readability of your copy. This ensures that readers lap it up easily and enjoy doing so. In fact, if your content is creative and persuasive enough, people will gladly share it with their peers on social media platforms. Google will take note and boom! Your SEO rankings shoot up!

Regardless of how often search engine algorithms may change or evolve, follow these tips and you’re good to go.

What is your #1 SEO copywriting hack?

If you know of any more such tricks, let us know in the comments below.

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