Evergreen Content

Every company needs to use SEO copywriting techniques to develop valuable Evergreen Content

This will always be relevant to and consumed by your target audience. Evergreen Content becomes landing pages that pull maximum traffic to your website from the Search Engines.

At ContentFactory we use SEO copywriting techniques to develop and update the following types of Evergreen content:

White Papers:

White papers are a powerful way to serve your customers.

  • White papers assist your customers in evaluating your product, technology or service in an unbiased way
  • White papers position your company  as a thought leader earning customer loyalty
  • White papers are highly engaging, therefore, known to drive high quality leads

Guides and tutorials:

Useful industry guides and product tutorials position you as an industry expert. They help you to build a broad awareness about your industry and your product/service. Moreover, you can teach your customers some useful skills and techniques for which they will always remember you.

FAQ’s and Tips for Users:

FAQ pages on your website provide helpful support, especially, to the beginners in your target audience. These pages get shared very frequently.

Industry definitions: 

These popular pages collate everyday industry jargon and terms. A one-stop guide to such definitions is a highly valuable resource you can share with your audience.

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