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What is the relationship between Website Content Writing and SEO?

  • 2014 saw a few important developments in the world of Search Marketing.
  • Search Engines, especially, Google, changed their algorithm frequently
  • The searchers are getting smarter and savvier
  • Google is weeding out websites with poor quality content from SERPs

While High Quality content and strong content architecture continued to push up ranking and traffic, keyword links and social signals gave diminishing returns

In a nutshell, High Quality Content will have a big impact on how searchable your website is.

How website content writing  helps to dominate search results in Google, Yahoo and Bing ?

Search Engines work for real people with real problems looking for real solutions.

The aim of Google Panda algorithm is to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” and reward “higher-quality sites” by placing them on top of search results.

In order to attract Google to your website, you need to ask three key questions:

  • Quality:  Is my content top quality i.e. useful, original and trustworthy?
  • Quantity: Do I have an impressive Quantity of content on my website?
  • Consistency: Do I publish content frequently to signal freshness?

At ContentFactory, we create the following types of well written and professionally designed content.

The website content writing services we offer are is highly optimized for delivering superior search results.

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