Why Marketing Managers Should Focus on Content Marketing

Content marketing strategy focus

Content Marketing needs a sharp focus

Traditional advertising is losing its effect

The Internet has changed many things, including the way marketing is done. Traditional advertising is starting to lose its effect when consumers have more control over what they want to see. As a consumer, have you ever found yourself skipping a YouTube ad or ignoring a TV commercial?

If the answer is ‘yes’, most likely the same is happening with your customers.

In this volatile media scenario, Content Marketing has emerged as an effective marketing strategy to retain customers. Here’s why:

It’s getting increasingly difficult to aggregate your target market.

Consumers control what they want to see. With so many channels, from newspaper, TV, radio, to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s almost impossible for marketers to pinpoint which to target.

Consumers thoroughly research before they decide.

According to Digital Influence Lab, Singaporeans mostly use the internet to help them make decisions. 42% of Singaporeans go online to compare choices; 25% look for inspiration or reviews. This is called the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT). It is a term coined by Google to depict the stage in which shoppers research to gather information before purchasing. Only 26% make immediate purchase decisions.

How content marketing helps you

Leverages on social media

About 82% of Singaporeans use social networks, according to Incitez. 69% use social networking sites to connect with brands. These platforms are when consumers seek shopping inspirations and information. Be present on these channels will help you reach your target.

Feeds consumers with product information

In the ZMOT, consumers will look for information about the product. You can show them technical information, tips, and so on. Putting the product in different contexts also gives consumers an idea about how it can be used. With such ‘how-to’ content marketing, you can skip the promotion and directly introduce the product in an educative manner.

Such an approach will make your consumers’ life much easier.

Builds customer loyalty and generate leads through useful experiences

According to Razorfish’s research on digital marketing, 86% of US consumers, 88% of China, 79% of UK and 81% of Brazil consumers prefer useful brands over interesting brands. More than half of US and UK consumers and 69% of Chinese consumers said that they would do anything to avoid ads. However, they would not mind the ads, if they can get free content after seeing it. This trend is universal, so you need to make your content relevant and useful to build consumer loyalty.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to create irresistible content.

While content marketing can address pressing concerns in advertising, it doesn’t mean that it can completely replace advertising. With great content and smart advertising strategies, you’ll be able to reach and retain an audience.
What do you think about how content marketing and advertising can coexist?

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