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Getting more customers and driving sales is your top business priority. But are you still spending heavily on print, TV and direct mail..? Then it’s time to take a close, hard look at your marketing spend.

Traditional marketing is losing traction; there is a clear shift in marketing budgets from offline to online. And for good reason. The cost of reaching 1000 prospects in mainstream media is almost 100 times higher than that of digital marketing..!

However, technology has created a level playing field. Homegrown, small-time businesses can now contend with established players in the online space. Your brand has to compete in a crowded, cluttered global market.
There is too much noise. To be heard by your customers, your brands needs a strong voice. Only high-quality content will do justice to your advertising dollar.

More reasons why outstanding content is indispensable in today’s digital global economy:

Pull marketing

Not long ago, consumers simply had to put up with the advertising stuff pedalled by brands and media houses. The advent of digital marketing has definitely changed the game.

Enjoying better control and flexibility in choosing their content, consumers can now ignore hard sell or interruptive advertising. Businesses can no longer afford to upset their prospects. Instead, they must produce and distribute valuable, relevant content with a long-term strategic approach that will boost consumer engagement.

The article vs the ad

According to research, 78% consumers prefer to know about a company’s products or services through an article rather than an ad. This finding is a clear indicator of the growing trust in content marketing and the ability of good content to create meaningful connect.

Search marketing & SEO

Around 5 billion searches are performed every day on the web. About 63% internet users turn to Google for answers. Interestingly, the average Google first page result contains 1,890 words!

As Google and other search engines strive to provide a better user experience, they are increasingly weeding out low-quality, keyword-manipulative content. SEO tricksters have hit a dead end. In its endeavour to deliver web pages that offer the richest possible experience, Google is rewarding high-quality, engaging content.

Social media

Social media has come a long way from being a cool digital ‘hang out’. A growing percentage of users are now using social media channels to interact with brands and businesses. Quality content is taking center stage, because it fosters engagement (in the form of tweets, shares, likes and so on) where fans and followers will promote organically on your behalf. It is crucial to understand your audience and produce meaningful content that will get amplified and reach a wider consumer base.

E-mail marketing

Over the years, e-mail marketing has changed from a pure ‘campaign’ focus to an integrated approach that puts the consumer at the center. The role of good content is more pronounced in this scenario; from creating engaging newsletters as a general touchpoint to delivering optimized and personalized content for driving conversions, producing quality content is top priority.

ContentFactory was established with the motive of creating sticky content that fuels your inbound marketing effort. As agency folks who worked in the glorious days of print & TV, we have witnessed the transformation. We foresaw a spiraling demand for quality online content, to which we responded with passion and professionalism.

To gain the crucial competitive edge, our clients need high-quality content and strategic content marketing. We are here to provide it. By delivering the right content to the right audience at the best moment, we help position your brand as a trustworthy problem-solver for your consumers.

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