3 Tips For Hiring The Right Content Marketing Agency

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Content Marketing Agency Selection in Singapore

How Singapore companies can choose the right Content Marketing Agency?

Marketers today face a major challenge. The sheer number of social media gurus, SEO firms, ad agencies, and other consultants call themselves a Content Marketing Agency. This makes it confusing and difficult for Singapore marketers to select the genuine experts.

Here are 3 basic qualities Singapore SME’s can look for in a professional content marketing agency.

Domain expertise

Content Marketing or what is called Inbound Marketing is a relatively new marketing strategy. Top quality content marketing is a result of a deep knowledge of your marketplace an d your brand positioning. The content marketing experts needs to understand both these domains.

Businesses have used the same yardstick for years while choosing traditional advertising agencies. It is not wise to pay your content marketing agency to learn on the job at your expense! Especially, in the context of Content Marketing, Subject Matter Expertise becomes more crucial. Your agency needs to create a steady flow of top-notch content ideas. If it does not grasp the problems your customers face it will be ineffective in doing so.

The best way to gauge the expertise of your agency is to ask them to share the content they have produced for businesses similar to yours. If you notice deep knowledge about your industry, you could consider hiring their services.

The other way is to ask for client references and, if possible, have a chat with them.

Do they eat their own dog food?

Obviously, Content marketing agencies must show substantial content marketing presence  about their services. This ‘proof of the pudding’ phenomenon proves their expertise in content marketing or otherwise.

Though you might not be able to achieve this at the very beginning, the ultimate goal for your content is to be considered the best in its class.JOE PULIZZI, Founder of the Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing requires commitment and consistency. Check how consistent is the agency. If they are not found easily on a variety of online channels, it is an early warning!

Are these content marketing experts perceived as thought leaders?

Agency leadership needs to be visible in providing valuable content to the industry, both online and offline. You need to see them:

  • Making presentations at important events and conferences
  • Presenting content marketing webinars
  • Writing articles with an expert viewpoint
  • Active on leading online forums and blogs

Do you really need a content marketing agency?

Before you start looking for an agency, it is important to get clarity on your marketing objectives. Then you can easily determine which aspects of Content Marketing can be handled in-house and which ones need to be outsourced. The first step is to identify gaps in various skills required for conducting a effective content marketing campaign.

Here’s a partial list of skills you will need:

Content Marketing Strategy

Basic knowledge of SEO, Social Media, Blogging

– Keywords research


Writing and Editing

– Knowledge of CMS’s like WordPress

With this awareness you could approach the right content marketing agency to compliment the skills of your staff. Also, hiring a content marketing agency is cheaper, despite having in house skills, especially when your human resources are expensive. Your expert staff can be engaged only to check the quality of content produced by an agency.

Hiring a content marketing agency – key insights

  • A professional content marketing agency can add a shot in the arm for your marketing
  • They can bring a fresh ‘outside perspective’ to your marketing
  • They are not influenced by your internal biases or politics
  • They can make you aware of new content publishing opportunities you may not be aware of
  • However, it does not always work
  • Adopt a slow and cautious approach before investing heavily

There is no substitute for  doing your homework. Understand which objectives you would like to achieve via content marketing. Clearly define your strategic content marketing plan. You will automatically come to know how to get the best mileage out of hiring an agency.

How ContentFactory helps Singapore Internet Marketing community?

We at ContentFactory have a systematic process of designing your content strategy and then producing content on your website.

  • We balance two distinct needs – looking interesting to the search engines while being useful to your prospects.
  • Our content marketing is persuasive enough to induce your visitors into sharing their contact details or taking some action that makes them your prospects.

Contact us to see how we can help generate more qualified leads.

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