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In the age of connect-convince-convert, the strategic use of content in business is rapidly gaining traction. And as brands turn into publishers to attract the digitally empowered consumer, they need to have a powerful content strategy in place. Content strategy helps brands manage content as an asset with a clearly measurable ROI. It is the bedrock on which your company’s content marketing program is built.

ContentFactory is where you will get the best advice for content creation and distribution. We work out a framework for creating, publishing and controlling the content for your website and other digital channels. With a sound content strategy in place, you will be in a position to create effective content and deliver it across the enterprise at the right time for maximum efficacy.


In Your Content Strategy, we will include:

  • Content Management and Distribution

Treating content as a corporate information asset for your business, we create the ideal workflow, enabling your audience to receive the desired content at the appropriate time. From analysis through ideation, creation, review, editing, approval, publishing, archival and purging, we set up the right path your content will take across the enterprise.

  • Content Objectives

Is it brand visibility, sales or thought leadership? To maximize impact, we first get clarity on the objective of your content marketing program.

  • Primary Topics/Subjects

We understand your business, industry and your goals to come up with the core topic and list of sub-topics that will result in maximum traffic and qualified leads.

  • Key Messages

We apply common sense and creativity to craft brilliant key messages that will induce your audience to take action.

  • Keywords and Metadata

By finding out and focusing on the most relevant keywords (and the subsequent meta tags & titles), we help drive quality traffic and improve the lead-to-conversion ratio.  Moreover, the increasing shift towards semantic search has led to the popularity of long-tail keywords, a fact that we positively consider when doing keyword research.

  • Editorial Guidelines

By spelling out strategic objectives and clearly laying out expectations vis-à-vis grammar, tone & voice and formatting, we ensure higher productivity, faster turnaround and greater harmony in the entire content creation exercise.

  • Timeline

This is necessarily the publishing schedule, which must be planned taking into account several parameters such as key business objectives, audience and any forthcoming events that may impact consumer behaviour and buying decisions.


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