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As the old business maxim goes, whatever is worth doing is worth measuring. To understand the effectiveness of your content marketing program, you need to know the impact your content is making on the Internet. Analytics services give you a peek at the activity and behaviour of your users on your website, which reflects how valuable and beneficial your content is perceived to be by your audience.

It will also point to the outcomes of your paid social media campaigns, if any. By tracking and analyzing key metrics, analytics demonstrate whether your efforts are paying off.

ContentFactory provides reliable web analytics services that explicitly tell you what’s hitting, what’s missing and, what needs to be set right to produce desired outcomes. We provide actionable insights that help improve the performance of your web content, ultimately leading to higher conversions.

ContentFactory Offers Analytics Services that Help You Unearth Facts & Figures About the Following:

  • Is your website achieving its aim? What do readers love or hate about it?
    Pulling more visitors and converting them into buyers is the ultimate goal of most company websites. In some instances it could be signing up for a newsletter, subscribing for an e-mailer or downloading a free resource (like an e-book). Web analytics tell us whether this is happening or not.


  • What are the qualities of the traffic visiting your website? How can you improve numbers and engagement levels?
    If you’re a company selling auto spares, then a customer ending up at your site looking for personal healthcare items doesn’t bring any value to the website visit. A high volume of web traffic that is characterized by a higher bounce rate is practically pointless. However, a low bounce rate (even if the total number of unique visitors is relatively less) indicates that your website is getting quality traffic. By looking at figures such as bounce rates, pages per session, page view time, and click-path, you can get an idea about how visitors engage with your website.


  • Are your landing pages effective? Can they be fixed or improved in any way?
    The landing page design is crucial, because that is where the action takes place – sell products or services, generate leads or capture prospect data for future lead nurturing. The aesthetics and functionality, together with the content on the landing page, must be powerful enough to create or reinforce trust and make the conversion happen. By examining the visitor-to-lead conversion ratio, we can determine the efficacy of the landing pages and look for ways to improve their performance.


  • Which content do your readers find most valuable and can gain you monetary returns?
    Content that helps users solve their problems by offering a workable solution is of real value to the reader. By making these pages easily & effortlessly accessible, you can experience better conversion. Analytics services help identify such pages.


  • Are your keywords the ones actually being searched for?
    Consumers perform searches by using keywords or phrases. Analytics tell you which words drive traffic to your site and in what intensity. This keyword insight is crucial for achieving desired conversions.


  • Where does the scope lie for higher conversion and optimization?
    By accurately identifying opportunities for improvisation, you can tune up the performance of your website and experience better conversions. Small actions such as making the web copy action-oriented or improving the value proposition could substantially amp up the conversion rate.


  • How far up or down the funnel are your frequent visitors? How much do they know? Do they need further education, convincing, product knowledge or any other info?
    Your frequent visitors stand a high likelihood of getting converted into customers. Analytics help determine where exactly they are in the funnel; this insight will tell what information they are precisely looking for, thus facilitating the conversion.


  • Can our analytics highlight any other gaps in your content marketing?
    Non-converting traffic or overall lesser traffic volume could also be due to other reasons. Our analytics services enable you to find these gaps in your content marketing.

We can Present You with Analyzed Reports on:

  •         Audience
  •         Acquisition
  •         Behaviour
  •         Conversion

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