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As per a study of online marketing trends by Hubspot, blog content is the top inbound marketing priority of 54% marketers. Furthermore, companies that blog had 97% more inbound links. And 10% of organic posts are compounding, which means that organic search increases over time. These figures point to a definitive surge in blog marketing in recent years.

Though blogging began as a casual means to express one’s ideas and emotions, today it has grown into a credible way to enhance business, earn money and establish thought leadership.


ContentFactory Brings Leading-Edge Blog Marketing Strategies that Push Your Social Media, Fuel SEO Outcomes and Create an Uptick in Sales.

Advantages of a Blog Marketing Campaign:

  • Does not require technical knowhow

You need not be technology ninja to set up and run a blog marketing campaign.

  • Effective means of attracting fresh traffic

You can experience a spike in your web traffic through blog posts by smartly selecting topics and keywords that relate to your audience.

  • SEO ranking shoots up

Fresh content exerts a magnetic pull on search engines, which you can accomplish through blog marketing.

  • Creates credible market connections

Blog marketing opens a communication channel with your customers/prospects, which helps you get an insight into their psyche, mould your content around their needs/concerns, inspire trust and enhance brand engagement.

  • Can earn you money

Whether monetizing through Adsense, generating passive income from content or through affiliate marketing, there are several ways you can indeed make money from your blog.

  • Platform to share knowledge

The ability to instantly connect with thousands of readers/viewers makes blogs a vital tool for knowledge dissemination.


ContentFactory will assist you with:

  • Detailed strategy

By taking into consideration prime factors such as resource allocation, customer segmentation, content goals, etc., we help you work out a detailed successful blogging strategy that will actually pay off.

  • Identifying topics – multiple

We help you carefully narrow down on the most popular topics and the content format to present them in for maximum impact.

  • Keywords

It’s paramount to identify and target keywords that deliver the highest SEO value.

  • Market your blogs on right platforms

What are the ideal platforms where you can blogs can make the most of it? We help you find such platforms.

  • Keep in touch with your audiences

Our insights help keep your customers in the loop, which creates higher trust and affinity with your brand.  

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