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No matter how digital our world gets, there will always be a special corner for traditional print advertising. While there is evidence backing the dwindling dependence on print media, every year new local newspapers and trade magazines are being introduced into the market. This trend clearly indicates that a large number of people still like to pick up a paper or journal, flip through and read. We know you occasionally want to as well and if your potential client does too, then print advertising is the recommended publicity tool for you.

Print ads are highly impactful when viewed by the target audience via the right medium. Some of the top global award-winning advertising campaigns have been in print. Yours could be next! Do you know why? Because at ContentFactory, we have a soft corner for print advertising…

ContentFactory Loves Creating ad Copy as Much as You Enjoy Watching Your Business Grow!

That’s a match made in heaven!

There are other benefits of teaming up with the ContentFactory writers for your print ad copy. Your advertisement will be:

  • Catchy (as hell): A striking, impactful headline that is intriguing and hard to forget
  • Sexy (to the core): Appealing, impressive and spot-on.
  • Emotionally appealing: Catering to a need the reader has or just realised he or she has!
  • Full of benefits: Body copy based on all tangible (discounts, freebies, better living conditions) and intangible (peace of mind, confidence, love) gains.
  • Sale inducing: Creating the urgency to purchase with easy steps towards attaining the product or service
  • Winning: All it takes is one successful ad campaign to leave your competitors behind

Brochure Writing

Have you ever been enticed by a scintillating brochure that lures you in with its glossiness and irresistible promises?We have! And that is why we look forward to being a part of creating brochures!

If you are looking to create a brochure for yourself or your company, you are soon to be among the millions of organisations and individuals that have experienced the power of a brilliant brochure.

Brochures can act as company representatives, brand or product ambassadors or key tools in marketing campaigns. The modern adaptation is the E-brochure. Traditionally, however, it was always the impressive, glossy printed kind that was powerful enough to sell a completely new idea, instill enough faith to make an important decision (buying a house, selecting a school, planning a holiday etc.) or even create an integrated brand entity. This is why organisations and individuals swear by it and consider it a vital part of their promotional mix.

So when we create brochure copy, we go through a specific process. We consider:

  • Primary Purpose

We help you identify the primary and secondary objectives behind your brochure to be able to create content that gets results. Once we are focused on the objective, such as launching a new product, announcing a venture, or a technological upgrade, the copy can be structured and written accordingly.

  • Target Audience

Who are the people you hope to see holding your brochure? We enquire about their age group, gender, profession, lifestyle habits, income bracket and more to position your content just right, in the language and tone that  fits perfectly.

  • Key Messaging

We prefer to craft our content from the reader’s point of view. We begin with their pain points and, as solutions, we offer the benefits or advantages to them via your company, product, or service rather than listing features. This garners more profound interest and engages a customer well. It’s the most effective way to deliver your messaging to your target audience, and can be used to induce a sale or a desired action.

  • Need Gap

To stand out from all other brochures in the market, it’s important to identify the gap or need that your announcement will be filling. This is one step above resolving individual customer issues. It gives direction to your USPs and differentiates you from the competition. In fact, it can also throw light on whether you can gain from a first-mover advantage or develop into an industry leader.

  • Call-to-Action

A brochure’s job is not restricted to only informing and impressing. It can induce sale by creating urgency and offering the next steps towards making a purchase or higher involvement decision. We ensure our brochure writing tells an interested customer what to do next and how to do it.

Let’s discuss your brochure ideas and allow us to help you create a capturing brochure! Call us today to book a consultation.

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