Content performance and Measurement

Significance of Content Performance Measurement


Why measure content performance?

How good is good? The real worth of your content marketing program can be understood only after finding out how effective it has been in achieving pre-defined goals. Whether it is building an email list, improving brand engagement or accomplishing more sales, it is performance data (legacy and real-time) that will tell you how successful your program is.


Vanity metrics..? Beware

Many marketers are taken in by the fancy figures delivered by vanity metrics: shares, likes, downloads, etc. However, these are superficial and don’t give you the real picture on conversion. To calculate ROI more accurately, you need to use ‘deep metrics’ that help you bring closer to reality. Steering away from the stereotyped notion of performance metrics (such as page views & subscriber count), the trend today is to consider new metrics, including time-on-content, channels by engagement, among others.

Going beyond the scope of regular analytics methods, ContentFactory offers the most appropriate, effective tracking and analytics tools and practices to unearth this crucial data.  Our comprehensive performance measurement report shows you how to cash in on your content more effectively. Accurate analytics and measurements give direction to sales, ROI, and conversions.

The various facets of measurement also offer insights about:

  • Content utility

Which content is working with our target audience and which is not?

  • Channel success

Which distribution channels are most effective?

  • Future focus

The best paths to conversion, future strategy for greater success.


The key aspects of content performance measurement

  1. Management
  • Where in the funnel are your current buyers? Are they moving up?
  • How fresh is your content?  – Content ageing report
  • How easily is your content found? What about new content?
  • Who is using your content and why?
  1. Engagement
  • How many viewing, opening, downloading and sharing?
  • How much time are customers spending with your content?
  • How many regulars? How many revisits?
  1. Adaptability
  • How often do you upgrade your content? What are the reasons?
  • How much similar content?
  • How much can be rehashed and shared?
  1. Impact on business
  • Which content resulted in the biggest amount of revenue?
  • Which content is most action inducing?

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