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If there’s a bandwagon worth getting on, then it has to be The Social Media one!

But, why is social media so popular?

Social media presents information in a casual, interactive mode and is, therefore, better received and consumed. A sound social media campaign results in multiple benefits. It can build significant online traction and ROI for your product or brand via innovative use of a variety of tools.

Social media governs what you share, how you share and when you share it.

The ‘how’ and ‘when’ depend on your social media campaign. But the ‘what’ is all about your social media copywriting or content.

ContentFactory is a powerhouse of ideas and content for your social media efforts. Our writers and social media professionals work together to create copy that works wonders in any social media context.

Depending on the tool you use and the message you wish to deliver, there are broadly five types of content that ContentFactory can create for you:

  • Promotional content

Sale-inducing content on social media is indirect. It can offer information about offers, deals, launches etc. but subtly. Promotional copy can be via blogs, tweets, video scripts, LinkedIn articles, slides, Facebook ads, testimonials and more. We engage, educate and build trust to influence buyers towards purchase.

  • Awareness building content

The tried and tested method to gain followers and encourage shares on social media is by offering enlightening information and original points of view. We research each topic and brainstorm with you to find information gaps based on the questions being asked by people on the Internet (within your subject matter). Then we answer those via blogs, articles, infographics, DIY videos, eBooks and other modes that can be shared via social media tools.

  • Humorous content

Tickling the funny bone is the key to instant reader connection. We use interesting techniques to create witty social media content that also educates and sells. Clever content can hook readers for the long run. Memes, blogs, tweets, status’ can be utilised to strike a humorous note in your target audience. It’s a win-win situation, this one!

  • Interactive content

Content that starts a conversation or triggers a reaction such as contests, query related posts, or discussion boards spawns highly effective ways to engage audiences mentally and emotionally. They induce longer and more profound involvement with your content and brand. We can initiate interactions through content that is crafted to trigger relationships with your customers, long before and after a sale.

  • Inspirational content

People love to read content that motivates and inspires them. This can be done through other people’s successful examples or general confidence boosting pieces. Original, well-written content that can improve readers’ lives has the remarkable ability to achieve a high ranking without any artificial SEO gimmicks.

ContentFactory believes in quality content and is here to raise the standards of your online copy. You may have a look at some of our successful blogs or contact us directly to discuss your unique content marketing copywriting needs.

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