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‘Push’ is Out, ‘Pull’ is In

A recent survey about traditional marketing is really an eye-opener:

  • About 200 million people have opted for DND (Do Not Disturb) vis-à-vis cold calling
  • 44% respondents recycle or trash the direct mailers they receive
  • 86% respondents skip TV commercials

The above (and many other studies) conclusively point to the fact that outbound or ‘push’ marketing is losing its traction. Consumers feel violated by unsolicited, salesy messages that are interruptive. The promotional strategy to place products/services when consumers don’t have a desire to buy or learn more about the offerings backfires on the business: consumers ignore the sales/marketing messages, and it is good money down the drain.

Here are a few reasons why outbound marketing is not producing desired results:

  • High cost and low yield
  • Interruptive nature
  • One-way communication
  • Lack of metrics for tracking and analyzing campaign efficacy
  • Inability to precisely calculate ROI

On the other hand, pull marketing represents a paradigm shift in its approach. The core idea is:  “I know to some extent about your needs, concerns, and preferences and based on this information I can give you recommendations that you will find to be really valuable.” Here, brands and businesses have donned the hat of a trusted advisor, offering information that is relevant, useful and valuable to the prospect. These ‘actionable insight’ and ‘value creation’ aspects are perhaps the biggest reason for the spiralling success of pull marketing. Other key success factors are: it is cost effective, measurable, non-invasive and brings substantial value to the consumer.

Internet – The New Business Playground

Consider this fact: 79% of online shoppers spend at least 50% of their time researching products and services.

The Internet has radically altered the way people find, search, connect and shop. Businesses that earlier invested their time, effort and funds on mainline media marketing (print, radio, TV and outdoor) are now compelled to focus on one single platform – digital. The game has changed and to play and win, you have to master the rules.

Creating a Website – Making a Beginning

Approximately 2.4 billion people in the world use the Internet, which is almost 1/3 rd of the world’s population. With increasing Internet penetration, this figure is growing by the minute.

Making a website for your business will give you the opportunity to reach out to such a large, global audience.

What can your website basically accomplish?

  • Tell your brand story
  • Give information about your offerings (products & services)
  • Talk about your partners, clients and success stories (case studies)
  • Showcase your work (projects, creations, etc.)
  • Engage in 2-way communication with your customers & prospects
  • Understand customer concerns & get valuable feedback
  • Sell directly to your customers

Being Found – The Real Challenge

Having an online presence is the first step. However, the bigger task is creating long-lasting online visibility & credibility.

Around 5 billion searches are performed every day on the Internet, with people looking for relevant, reliable information that would address their needs, concerns and pain points. According to one survey, about 80% users prefer articles over advertisements to get information regarding their proposed purchase.

Push marketing that relies on ‘hard sell’ is fading out; pull marketing is rapidly gaining a foothold. In the light of this transformation, content marketing emerges as the clear choice for organizations looking to acquire, engage and retain customers. It is cost-effective, quantifiable and non-interruptive.

Why Quality Content Matters – The Google Perspective

Though there are over 200 assorted ranking signals that Google contemplates when displaying search results, web page content quality is a key aspect of this consideration list. In its constant endeavour to provide ‘the best user experience possible’, Google looks for content that offers real value to the user; it recognizes and rewards high-quality content with higher page rankings.

In the same context, Google discourages ‘spammy’ content. Tactics such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, doorway pages, sneaky redirects and pages with thin content are downright discouraged and, offenders are even penalized. The bottom line is – you need to create high-quality content. And you need to do it consistently.

Why Quality Content Matters – The User Angle

  • Greater Impact

Syntax and semantics both play a significant role in making the crucial connect with consumers. While the content is expected to be grammatically precise and written in an engrossing style (syntax), the core subject matter is equally important (semantics). What you say and the way you say it makes a noticeable difference to the impact the content makes on the reader.

  • Lower Bounce Rate

People will engage with your content if they like it. And they will only like it when it is well structured and thoughtfully written, addressing their needs and concerns. When you put out high-quality content, people will stay for a longer time on your page, thus decreasing the bounce rate and increasing search ranking.

  • Higher Trust

Content that communicates a message with authority and conviction implies you are a domain expert. Such authoritative content goes a long way in creating better trust and making your brand highly ‘dependable’.

  • Better Share Ability

People will impulsively share what they intuitively like. Social sharing is akin to word-of-mouth promotion; as your piece of content gets shared, it reaches a wider audience, and your brand message will get more exposure.

Content Creation & Amplification

Creating and amplifying content strategically on an on-going basis drives quality traffic to your website. Whether it is articles, info graphics, videos or whitepapers, high-quality content that readers find engaging and valuable, can increase traffic to your website.

Content amplification involves the distribution of the content created across your blog, social media channels, and other digital media touch points so that it reaches your audience.


So as to get better SEO outcomes, it is crucial to optimize the architectural elements of a web page, right from top to bottom. Use of relevant keywords/key phrases in your page title, meta tags, headers and other elements can help to increase the ranking of your website.

SEO Web Copy

Conventionally, SEO copywriting involved writing copy by placing selected keywords in specific densities across the length of the content.

Though keyword research still holds ground, search algorithms have metamorphosed. Google emphasizes trust and authority; it flags that content as high quality, which is so compelling that people will want to share it and link to it. Modern SEO copywriting involves crafting compelling copy that it is easily shareable and link-worthy.

Crossing the Content Threshold

Setting up a website, populating it with thoughtfully crafted SEO web copy, optimizing the page elements, putting in place a content marketing strategy for consistently creating and promoting high-quality content are the essential tasks needed to make a footprint on the Internet. This is the content threshold you need to cross to achieve strategic business goals through content marketing.

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