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Are you a startup brand or are you an established brand needing a kick-start?

Either way, ContentFactory will harness all its Branding and Marketing knowhow to offer you content that fits your brand’s purpose.

For The Start-ups…

Working with your brand from its initial stages would be an honour for us! We will help you to set a long-term brand tone and identity by crafting original tailored content. We will first understand your expectations regarding brand attitude, personality and values. All content will be designed keeping these and your target audience in mind.

For The Established…

Your past accomplishments will not be ignored! We will study the brand tone that has already been established, weed out what’s not working and build strongly on what is. If you wish to introduce a change in brand identity, we will ensure your content retains its known qualities while we kick- start your brand with an altered tone and updated information.

New or old, here’s the process we follow at ContentFactory to create the perfect brand content for you:

  • Knowing Brand Personality

A brand is like an individual entity with its unique disposition and energy. Understanding the present or desired brand traits is the first step in drafting apt content. You may choose to have a light, fun and effervescent persona, a nurturing, helpful and comforting one or be wild, racy and sensual. You decide, we write!

  • Defining Brand Expression

If a brand is a person, then its communication is its expression. What does your brand have to say and how will it be said? Your brand expression decides the actual messaging of your content and its tone. Much importance is given to brand tone as experts believe the right tone makes or breaks brand success. The reason why a standard tone across all communication is necessary is due to the dependability it portrays. Humans trust something they know well. By reiterating the brand tone through various pieces of content, customers, shareholders, employees and other associates will grow familiar with and accept your brand readily.

If your organisation has different brands under one umbrella company brand, then variations in brand tone can be defined for these, depending on their offerings. But it pays in the long run for the entire family to still be on the same page, tone-wise.

  • Getting to know the Audience

When we finalise the content criteria for your brand, the most significant aspect depends on who we are speaking to. A detailed study of your target audience includes current and future (aspired) profiles including age group, gender, profession, lifestyle habits, education, location, pain points, technical proficiency and more. These help us to design content that your audience can relate to, understand and act upon more readily.

  • Listing Brand Benefits

A lot of the marketing communication out there talks about the USPs of products or services. We prefer to revolve our content around the benefits users can gain from them. These benefits can be tangible (cleaner house, money saved, convenience) or intangible (peace of mind, better family life, confidence). A brand that talks more about the buyer than the seller is more likely to develop a following.

  • Hitting the right spot

Once all these are in the place, we braid them into content that is interesting, informative, engaging and well structured. When content hits the right spot with a customer, it facilitates sale and loyalty.

A strong brand has a higher recall, better profit margins, happier employees and a winning position. The right content can do all that for you.

Here are a few examples of brand building content and what they can do:

Expert blogs: People go online for almost any solution and often rely on blogs for unique insights. An excellent way to develop your brand is by writing and posting blogs on topics related to your line of business. This will establish your brand as a knowledgeable one that cares about its consumers.

Industry newsletters: Regular, well-researched industry updates can work as ready reckoners for individuals on your mailing list. It’s a highly effective way to create brand recall over a period.

eBooks: As a published online author, you can create volumes of credibility and trust within your audiences. eBooks demand a lot of respect and appreciation among industry peers.

Research findings: Providing free detailed research and statistical content on topics within your industry is a promised way to create goodwill with industry players, shareholders, industry employees and audiences.

Articles: There are many types of articles such as product profiles, infographics, how to guides, customer reviews, industry highlights etc. that can continue to add to the wealth of content and thereby build your brand in the desired direction.

If you need some guidance on your brand content, please contact us. If you have the ideas but need someone to write them out for you, we can do that too!

Sounds good? Get in touch with our specialists to know how we can make your website work hard for you.

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