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The fact that the Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) sector needs financial copywriting services could be an understatement. That is because, businesses in this space face the challenge of conveying complex, industry-specific content in a coherent and lucid style that their readers can easily understand. Point being – they all badly need good financial copy!

ContentFactory offers a platter of proven financial copywriting services for players in the financial domain. Our ability to harmonize subject matter expertise with writing prowess leads to sharp financial copy that easily gets eyeballs on it.

Occasions on which one requires financial content include:

  • Expert articles and blogs
    These are usually  thought leadership articles focusing on a specific niche or topic, which help bring out your company’s strategic thinking. It can cover multiple areas, including stocks, funds, bonds, and commodities, among many other subjects.
  • Financial opinion pieces
    These are op-ed pieces that communicate the impact of policy decisions on the economy and the taxpayer in a clear, easy-to-comprehend style.
  • Financial Press releases
    An M&A shake-up looming large on the horizon? Want to float an IPO soon? An unfortunate case of arbitration coming up in the courts? A financial press release is the official mode to convey your company’s stand in the matter.
  • Business letters or proposals
    These are pieces of B2B communication that need the specialized services of a financial copywriter.
  • Financial print ads
    Whether you are launching a new credit card or introducing an excellent investment proposal, a cleverly crafted financial ad will help nail it.
  • Investor communication
    Consistently interacting with your investors is an excellent way to enhance brand engagement and improve investor confidence.

ContentFactory offers wide-ranging abilities that make its financial copywriting services a significant boost to your business. Some of these service highlights are:

  • Well researched, up-to-date figures
    We back up our writing with sound analysis and research, always including the latest relevant stats in our pieces.
  • Understanding about financial landscapes
    Our financial copywriters are industry insiders who have their pulse right on the financial market.
  • Industry-specific knowledge
    Even within the finance domain, our writers have in-depth and insightful expertise on specific sub-domains.
  • Direct, formal mode of communication
    We adopt a no-nonsense approach to our writing that focuses on objectivity with unambiguous intent.
  • Excellent writing skills
    We demonstrate impeccable writing skills to produce crisp, naturally flowing financial copy.

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