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Your prospective customers may find reasons to avoid a salesperson. But can they really prevent a sales letter landing up on their desk..?

ContentFactory offers copywriting services that support your sales marketing initiatives. And a sales letter, which is an integral part of a direct mail package,  is an excellent point to start off.

Leveraging our expertise in sales marketing copywriting services, we assist you to create an effective sales letter that smartly puts a solution in front of your customers; it can be a potential door opener for your business.

So if you have not contemplated a sales letter as a marketing tool, or if your present sales letters are not producing desired results, it’s time to seek expert help.

Benefits of a professionally crafted sales letter:

  • A cost-effective channel to promote your products/services
  • Personalized touch
  • Can have better reach than the salesperson
  • Doesn’t have to clamour for attention (like competing ads)
  • Helps enhance credibility and portray a professional image

Sales letters follow a simple, straightforward format. They, however, are required to hold all the information in the correct, formal manner. They also project a company image and build trust between your organization and the receiver.

Mastering this technique with the power of words, ContentFactory has made it easier by creating a sales letter template. Click here to buy this template, fill up your personal details and, voila, you are good to go!

Customized Sales Letters

For discerning business owners who need to engage an experienced copywriter for drafting their sales letter, ContentFactory offers:

  • A premium sales letter copywriting service
  • Personal attention by senior copywriters/editors
  • Promise-laden sales letters that resonate with  confidence and clarity
  • Easily catch your prospects’ attention, arouse their interest, create a desire and drive them into making a buying decision

Want to make your prospects reach for their pockets with a smashing sales letter? Click here.  Experience the power and potential of our sales marketing copywriting services.

The greatest sales letter of all times..!

This sales letter created history, bringing an estimated whopping $ 2 billion in revenue for the Wall Street Journal! Labelled the greatest sales letter of all times, this piece of communication is truly a masterpiece; a manifestation of the power of the written word…

Click here to read it.  (

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