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Native advertising is merely a form of paid media (article, infographic, audio file or video file clip) that syncs effortlessly with the website content in a natural, harmonious way. It is a piece of marketing content that resembles the rest of the material on the website in every aspect: format, tone & voice, and placement. The success of native advertising is primarily attributed to the fact that it is non-interruptive; it plays along cohesively with the other content/material, without appearing salesy or distracting the user experience in any way.


Why it works

  • Based on Neuroscience

Studies have shown that marketers only tap into 5% of the human brain, which happens to be the conscious portion. However, most of our reflexes stem from the subconscious part, which is the motivating factor behind many of our buying decisions. Native advertising capitalizes on this theory of neuroscience, helping brand owners improve their reach as well as response.

  • High Consumability

As users engage more readily with native ads (than banner ads or other ad forms), they have high consumability, which ultimately leads to better click-through rates and conversions.

  • Perceived as Editorial

Since they resonate well with the editorial content, they are perceived as editorial material and garner more views and shares.

  • Improve Search Performance

Native advertising has a positive impact on branded search queries, thereby leading to an impressive increase in the performance of search campaigns.

  • Fosters Brand Building

Native advertising resonates with goodwill and credibility because it is perceived to be trustworthy than all other types of interruptive advertising.


How ContentFactory can Help

By utilizing high-performance widgets with excellent customization ability, quick deployment, insightful analytics for efficient monitoring and reliable support, we help you maximize the ROI on your native advertising campaign. Click here to know more.

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