Copywriting for Press Releases

Press Release Copywriting Services

There are literally hundreds of press releases vying for their share of the shout, every single day. Journalists are perpetually on the clock and unable to read through the stack of daily press releases in their mailboxes.

Apart from the actual value of the news, the only quality that can ensure that your press release is picked up is the way in which it is written. That’s all!

ContentFactory specialises in creating media-friendly press release copywriting services designed for print media, TV, wire agencies, online media and social media tools.

We offer traditional (for print) and SEO compliant (for online) press releases that are:

  • Difficult-to-delete – Gripping headlines and introductions
  • Minus the hoopla – Only facts to back the story
  • Ready-to-eat – Packed with all the details to file immediately
  • A journalist’s delight! – High-quality language and structure that requires zero editing
  • Right at home on the internet – With Keywords. Yes, KEYWORDS!

If your company or brand has an important announcement to make, do not risk the disheartening possibility of your valuable press release ending up in the trash…

Contact us today for a consultation about your press release copywriting needs. Of course, for brief press notes, you may try out our simple-to-construct press release template.


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