Creating & Curating your content

Valuable Tips to Create-Curate Content

This is perhaps the best tip for creating content: content must be created for human consumption.  In fact, the first point in the Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines reads:

  • Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.

The benchmark for deciding quality content then is giving visitors a positive, worthwhile experience rather than merely ranking well in the search engines. Quality content is that which not only Google, but people will seek and follow.

Some common scenarios of business content creation include:

  • Education and awareness

Enlightening your audience about something useful and relevant

  • Initiating and deepening customer relationships

Connecting with customers and nurturing long-lasting relationships

  • Products and services knowledge

Giving out benefit-focused info about your company’s products & services

  • Marketing through blogging and others

Driving organic traffic to your site through high-quality blogs

  • Employee training

Empowering your team members with new skills, knowledge and abilities

  • Call-to-action, the feedback mode

Garnering  feedback and reviews


What should good content do?

  • Stand out to establish brand or thought leader stance

Content that rises above the noise reverberates with authority and helps create the perception of thought leadership.

  • Develop trust and credibility

Content that is genuine, fact-based and non-salesy helps build trust and credibility; people innately connect with your brand when you create content with a problem-solving intent.

  • Make the reader act

Content should be actionable; it should have the convincing power to drive users to click on the CTA button eventually.

  • Show results in the long run

Content should give you the feel of ‘money well spent’; it should convert, ultimately.

  • Be worthy of sharing

Content must be shareable, which leads to social validation, which brings more value and authenticity to your piece of content.


At ContentFactory, we adopt a systematic, stepwise approach for content creation and curation for maximum effectiveness.

Steps of content creation that we follow:

  • Think tanking

Depend on the project scope and objectives, we set up a talent pool; an interdisciplinary group of handpicked experts who will brainstorm, work out strategies and create action paths.

  • Detailed brief and research

The task is to give an intensive briefing for members of the ‘working team’ and conduct in-depth research on relevant topics.

  • Deciding content format and guidelines

Here we decide the format and guidelines, which will guide the content creation and promotion process.

  • Create, edit and refine

Actually write, edit and fine-tune the content pieces; blogs or articles, product reviews or whitepapers, we create high-quality content your audience will like to consume.

  • Share with the client for approval, further edit

We then forward the content thus written for client approval

  • Curating

We have dedicated experts for content curation, who find out, arrange and publish relevant content for your users/online followers to consume

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