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In the early days of digital marketing, the term SEM referred to both SEO and paid search activities. AS SEM campaigns started paying off – at least in specific contexts – the industry thought it prudent to segregate both the terms. Today, SEM has come to be associated exclusively with paid listings.

Free SEO encompasses an array of activities, principally including keyword research, link building, on-page optimization, among others, with the objective of driving organic traffic to your site.

Contrary to free SEO, paid SEM entails gaining website traffic by buying ads on search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is also referred to as Pay-per-click (PPC), where the advertiser pays the search engine a certain sum each time their ad gets clicked. Though the innate human tendency is to click on the natural listings, studies have shown that consumers click on paid listings too; in fact, around a third of total clicks on SERPs are in the paid category.


Free vs Paid – When to Choose What?

‘Whether to use SEO or PPC?’ is a crucial strategic question that nags marketers and business owners. However, the fact is that the choice really depends on your budget, objectives, market scenario and current business situation.

Free SEO is your ideal choice when you are on a scrimpy budget and, you have the luxury of time. It also works best when you want to achieve good rankings for less competitive keywords, especially long-tail keywords.

PPC is advisable for small/new businesses that are up in stiff competition from the big established players. Another reason is that getting the SEO campaign up and running takes considerable time & effort. When time is at a premium and, you desire a lot of quality traffic and higher conversions, PPC turns out to be the ideal choice. With stringent control and monitoring, you can get good ROI on your PPC campaign.


ContentFactory’s SEM Team can Facilitate Your Paid SEM Campaign by Offering You :

  • Keyword Optimization

In a game where the winner is the one who gets found, keywords hog the limelight; identifying and choosing the right keywords your customers are searching for is the key to success. Moreover, it is not a one-off activity but an ongoing task that helps in expanding your keyword database as the campaign progresses.

  • Digital Marketing Tools

We utilize a host of smart tools that facilitate quick campaign roll-out and performance monitoring. These include Keyword Planner, Adwords Editor, PPC Keyword Wrapper, AdWords Performance Grader, among many others.

  • Remarketing

We expertly help tag your website visitors who have shown interest in your brand and display them relevant ads whenever they are within the display network.

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