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Cutting corners to rank higher in Google search results could soon be a thing of the past. All the major search engines have made significant upgrades that now penalize manipulation and reward meritocracy. The focus today is on driving organic, natural traffic by creating quality content that resonates with the readers. Content is occupying centerstage in the world of SEO; content-driven SEO is the way to go!

ContentFactory recognizes the increasing role of quality content in SEO; We offer you a worthwhile content-driven SEO experience that spells real business results.

The Importance of Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is natural traffic that comes from non-paid sources, such as search engines. It gets you loyal, long-term customers because of low bounce rates and total number of page visits.

On the other hand, paid traffic works only as long as the campaign is running. From a business standpoint, organic traffic is cost-effective in the long term, which is why brands should focus on improving it.

Helping Improve Organic Traffic

ContentFactory focuses on boosting your organic traffic by resorting to proven content-driven SEO techniques that include:

    • Topic & competitor research

To create content that vibes well with your prospects, first, you must know what your prospects really care about. Topic & competitor research can unearth these valuable nuggets, using which you can consolidate your content marketing strategy.

    • Persona-optimized, relevant content

In the SEO game, valuable content created genuinely for human consumption stands a better chance. The idea is to create content by understanding the pain points of your personas and focusing on solving their issues.

Such content is educative, interesting, relatable, simple to read, easy to understand, link-grabbing, worth sharing, and contains appropriate images or videos. Since it is compelling for the user, it connects and converts well.

    • HTML: Metadata, headlines, titles, etc.

Sensible usage of title tags, meta descriptions, keywords as well as writing impressive page titles, headlines, etc.  help reduce bounce rates, improve visibility, and click-through rates.

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