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Blogs are conversational, enlightening, persuasive and fresh. But you already knew that, didn’t you? What you may not know, however, is that a successful blog alters in some part, even if the smallest fragment, of a reader’s mind to somehow make them feel more enriched and fulfilled after reading it.

Let us put it this way…

The ideal blog reading experience is like a catch up with a special friend over coffee. And you know how that feels. It happens at just the right time and leaves you satiated.

We, at ContentFactory, are like the connoisseurs who can instinctively churn out the perfect brew, coupled with conversation, to turn your readers into friends, merely with our blog copywriting services.

Blogs are the active components on your website that pull relevant traffic, establish client relationships long before and after a sale and help to achieve industry leadership.

Our blogs also promise to be:

  • Gently urging: A good friend rarely insists. He or she suggests by offering information and allowing you to take the decision. An excellent blog and its headline use the same active approach to persuade and prod the reader.
  • Talkative: They are personal, interactive and engaging.
  • Focused: A one on one discussion that convinces the reader that the blog he or she is reading was written just for him or her.
  • Informative: Introducing new ideas, benefits and possibilities towards a degree of betterment in the life of the reader.
  • Easy to absorb: Simple, clear words and structure for easy grasping of each point.
  • Flawless: The right words in the right way.

If you’ve been contemplating sharing your knowledge and/or opinions with the world, it’s time you began with a sustained blogging exercise.

Find out more about the success our clients have experienced through their blogs or contact us today to express your blog writing queries. We’d be happy to answer them all!

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