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Why Create A Content Strategy – Decoded

Brands are turning into publishers; marketing departments resemble advertorial departments. It is not sufficient to post a piece of content on your social media channels or update your website once in 6 months.

Customers connect, engage and buy your brand through a funnel (buying process). At every stage, people’s needs are different and hence they seek different things as they interact with your brand. Serving their precise information needs timely at each specific stage is the key to content marketing success. In today’s era of the social web, your marketing plan must have a content strategy at its very core.

How your content strategy helps you achieve success:

  • Create the right content (relevant, valuable content)
  • Serve it to the right audience (people who are your most potential prospects)
  • Publish it at just the right times (when they need it the most)
  • Achieve business goals rapidly

At CF, we follow a proven, step-wise process that leads to a highly effective content strategy – the one which eventually gets desired outcomes.

Our steps to create a strategy:

  • Identify objectives

What action would you like to induce with your piece of content? (Subscribe to an email list, opt-in for a newsletter, buy products/services, etc.)

  • User profile

Unless you precisely understand who you are creating your content for, your content would not be able to resonate well with their concerns or pain points.

  • Problem-solving

Your content is going to solve one or many problems for your audience. What needs or challenges is it going to address, then?

  • Uniqueness

How can we bring real differentiation to your content so that it is not lost in the noise?

  • Content lifecycle and strategy

Analyze, Strategize, Plan, Create and Monitor are the five aspects of the content lifecycle, which we consider earnestly.

  • The formats you’ll focus on

Will it go out as a blog article, an infographic, a video clip or some other innovative format?

  • The channels where it will be published

Determine the most potential channels where we will get maximum results.

  • How will you schedule and manage creation and publication?

Setup the content creation task and design an editorial plan.

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