Managing your content

Managing Your Content for Maximizing Results

What is content marketing and why your business needs it?

Before we dwell on the need and nuances of managing content, it is interesting to have a quick look at how ‘content is king’ became the open secret of the online world.

Traditional or outbound marketing, which was the de facto mode of marketing till 1999, was constrained in many aspects. It was expensive, interruptive for the consumer/end user, hard to quantify and had very low recall value. With increasing Internet penetration and the consolidation of digital media, the landscape witnessed a radical and perhaps irreversible shift: to offset irritable, unsolicited salesy messages, marketers started leveraging the power of content.  Content marketing occupied centerstage as the core strategy to attract new prospects, convert them into customers and gain their long-lasting loyalty.

Also referred to as ‘pull marketing’, content marketing leapfrogged into the mainstream of business development and promotion. Here is a quick look at what comprises content marketing:

  • Letting your customers find you rather than you chasing them
  • Creating and distributing high-value content to attract them
  • Sharing content regularly so that they keep coming back for more

And here is why content marketing works in practice:

Old paradigm

  •       Marketers pay publishers to PUSH message
  •       Pay thousands of $$$$$

New paradigm

  •       Marketers become publishers to PULL customers
  •       Save thousands of $$$$$

Publish or perish – the new business mantra

Against the backdrop of this new paradigm shift, brands are now turning into publishers. If you don’t create and publish high-quality content consistently, you are left in the lurch. The competition will surge ahead and, you will experience unsatisfactory business growth vis-à-vis lesser visitors, lower leads, inadequate conversions and disappointing sales. All the while your competition surges ahead of you by putting content marketing to work.

The inevitable transformation – Marketing department to editorial department

As the focus shifts from cold calling and rolling out exorbitantly expensive print & electronic media campaigns, the functioning of marketing departments too has changed radically. there is a scramble to create, publish and distribute content so that it reaches the desired people at the appropriate time and in a form that is most appealing to them.

Content management – the key challenge  

Organizations are thus compelled to manage an overwhelming volume of content on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter whether you are a startup entity, an SME or a big-time corporate payer, the game is the same: to stay ahead of the curve and get higher conversions, you must create content that cuts through the clutter and distribute thoughtfully to your audience.


How CF can help

DIY (Consulting model)

Stepping in the shoes of a knowledgeable, reliable consultant, we work in a collaborative mode with your marketing team. After an exhaustive study of your existing content creation, distribution and promotion landscape, we come up with hands-on and corrective inputs for maximizing results. Working closely with your management and in-house content creation teams, we ensure your content marketing plan is producing results according to preset goals and, you are getting maximum ROI.

DFY (Integrated service)

As your dependable content marketing service provider, our key responsibilities include:

  • Goal setting

Collaborate closely with your leadership team, understand your strategic objectives and determine short-term and long-term goals. We document this content marketing strategy and share it with top-level management.

  • Analysis

We take up website and keyword analysis to determine keyword opportunities; quick suggestions for optimizing existing web pages and social media profiles for getting some rapid results as well as providing long-term, strategic suggestions for getting lasting outcomes.

  • Roadmap

Create a roadmap for creating, curating, publishing, distributing and promoting content.

  • Create and curate content

Our writers, editors and content curation specialists work on the selected topics and develop high- quality content that will resonate with your audience.

  • Publish, distribute & promote content  

Following the editorial calendar, we publish the content on the regular social media channels. However, for maximum impact, it has to spread across multiple channels, platforms and touchpoints in the digital space. We bring the right knowhow and strategies for accomplishing this objective.

  • Syndicate content

Content syndication involves seeking out the right third-party sites and granting them permission for republishing your content. We work out the best alliances for getting backlinks and accreditations.

  • Use of tools

Simplifying and automating non-core tasks enables you to save time, reduce effort and focus on core tasks that really drive revenue.

We use a suite of smart tools, such as HootSuite, Aton, Pardot and Marketo, among others, which help in automating, streamlining, expediting or simplifying a spectrum of activities including:

  • E-mail delivery
  • Ad campaigns for paid media
  • Deliver personalized campaigns across multiple channels
  • Nurture contacts with automated welcome e-mails

Monitor, track & measure

Tracking, which wasn’t possible in traditional, outbound marketing is a task that is easily manageable in digital marketing. Marketers can track and monitor digital media campaigns and measure their performance.

We use proven techniques and practices to precisely know how your content marketing is performing.

Revisit and refine; maximize ROI

Performance measurement gives us crucial insights into what is working and what is not. We revisit and rework the strategy to set things right if there are noteworthy deviations. After requisite restructuring and realignment, we roll out the content assets for best outcomes and help maximize your ROI.  

Entrust the experts

Whether you look for strategic, top-level content marketing expertise or need from-the-ground-up support in defining and implementing an effective content marketing plan, we are happy to help.

Focus on your core business activities. Leave your content management challenges to us. Contact us today to know more about our Content Management service offerings and how your business benefits from it.

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