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The Importance and Value of Higher Rankings

Rewind to the days of the classic yellow pages, when the Internet had not invaded our lives.  Imagine you required the services of an electrician. Did you ever call up the guy listed on the 4th page..? Or did you feel more comfortable with the entries on the first page?

It’s the same with search engine rankings – your customers would feel more confident if your website showed up prominently in SERPs. Studies show that about 80 to 90% consumers check out online reviews before actually making a purchase. Systematic, technique-driven SEO promotion enables your users to find your website – or land up on the relevant page of your website – easily and quickly.


The Changing Landscape of SEO

You may have had a shot at SEO in the past. But don’t bet on it anymore. SEO is a tricky jungle of page rankings and algorithms. You may think you know all the paths, tricks and safe spots, but guess what? This jungle keeps changing and evolving…

In the dynamic world of SEO, how does one achieve the highest level of optimization and stay there? By continually staying abreast of the latest SEO developments and using these to your advantage. As SEO experts, ContentFactory utilizes a variety of updated tools that work cohesively to give you the highest search engine traffic.


Our Scope of SEO

We broadly cover:

  • Keywords and Metadata Planning

The reason why website ‘A’ gets an enviable amount of valuable organic traffic while website ‘B’ gets only miniscule traffic is in the choice and smart use of keywords.

Keyword planning brings up the specific words and phrases that your audience looks for when they seek information online. By finding out what to rank for, you can create content around your keywords and optimize it around a primary keyword for driving high-quality organic traffic to your site.

  • Google Analytics

We capitalize on the power and flexibility of Google Analytics to find out the effectiveness of your content marketing program. Proficiently using the different tracking and analysis tools, we help you find out poorly performing pages, visitor segmentation, popular pages & links, long-tail keywords, among other crucial insights.

Pages that are not converting well can be strategically turned into sales boosters by attracting more quality prospects and improving the visitor-to-lead conversion ratio.

  • Website Checks

We unearth useful diagnostic information by doing quality checks of your website.  Key parameters include accessibility, broken links, page speed optimization, content blocking, etc.

  • Link Study

Links are a vital trust factor; they stand for credibility and worthiness. Our link study will find more about link-building avenues and also point to potentially detrimental links.

  • SERPs

To effectively drive conversion,  high organic rankings is not the only parameter; it is crucial to be seen prominently is several SERP features, such as rich snippets, in-depth article, knowledge panel, etc.

  • Social Ranking

High quality, genuine social signals are a ranking factor now, which will give momentum to your SEO efforts.

  • Plagiarism

Plagiarism – whether purposeful or accidental – can tank your SEO initiatives. Using the latest tools, techniques and practices, we ensure your content is plagiarism-free and that your site won’t invite penal action in any way.

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