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Consider this: 67% of marketers are using FaceBook and 45% marketers are contemplating to increase their social media spend. Figures such as these clearly indicate the business value of social media, why social media marketing works so well and why brands should focus on SMM to build the buzz.

ContentFactory Believes in these Tenets of an Effective SMM Strategy:

  • Knowing the TG

To have a steady pulse on your audience and their desires, first, it is pertinent to know who it is you want to engage with so you can build a long-lasting, fruitful relationship.

  • Being Selective

If you don’t wish to lose your voice in the social media din, you need to break through the clutter and stop appealing to everybody. Your marketing messages must cater to a niche segment in a distinct tone & voice.

  • Sustained Efforts Over Time

It never pays to pull a one-off thing; being repetitive and consistent is the key to building long-term credibility.

  • Adding Value

Your SMM should add value to your overall digital marketing efforts.

  • Knowing the Influencers

Identifying and building a rapport with your social media influencers goes a long way in driving brand engagement.

  • Two-Way Street: Read, Share, Comment on Others

It is a commonly held commonly belief: Create a page and keep posting updates with enthusiasm and you are done with social media. However, the real power and potential of social media lies in having a meaningful, two-way conversation with your consumers, leads and prospects.

  • Building Relationships

By putting analytics to use and serving up relevant, worthy content, you can use your social media channels to build relationships of value.


We Will Help You With –

  • Strategy

Whether it is a like, share or a re-tweet, every single action on social media should be intrinsically guided by objectives and business goals. We help you define these goals and work out a game plan to achieve these goals through focused actions.

  • Content

To get more likes, shares and ultimately drive conversion, it is crucial to keep creating content that evokes intense positive vibes among your audience.

  • Image Building

Our work helps you leverage the wide-ranging capabilities of social media in cultivating a credible brand image.

  • Analysis

To know what’s working – and what’s not – in the social media space, you need reliable data. Our social media analytics brings up meaningful stats on your social media marketing initiative.

  • Social Media Ads

By expertly understanding the intricacies of social media advertising, we deliver the best social media ads that will maximize your ROI.

  • Remarketing

We provide smart remarketing tactics to boost conversions and reduce the overall cost of acquisition.

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