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To a consumer, buying through a catalogue is mostly based on a time-tested habit. Passed down through the generations, it still holds pretty strong. To a seller, a well-designed, written and distributed catalogue always adds to profit margins, making it a valuable marketing tool. So, if you’ve been wondering why organisations and individuals continue to invest in product and service catalogues, well, now you know!

The earliest product catalogues were sent out to excited prospective customers through the mail in the 1800s. However, though the concept is an old one, today’s product or service catalogues are anything but traditional. It’s true that one can’t do much with the basic medium of coated or uncoated stock sheets, but that’s where thought-provoking content in words and images play a great role.

ContentFactory is here to get the most out of your product or service catalogue via content that attracts, holds interest and sells. Yes, it sells.

Why? Here are a few reasons:

  • It’s personal: One catalogue per person rather than one website or TV commercial for millions to read or view makes it a more unique, intimate marketing device. So, it works!
  • Salespeople can be avoided: Sometimes people prefer not to have someone hand holding them towards a purchase decision. They’d rather browse and familiarise themselves with the product and reach out for clarifications only when necessary. A catalogue offers just that.
  • First spotter advantage: Due to the seemingly exclusive nature of a catalogue, customers often pick up catalogues for themselves in an attempt to spot a good deal before others. It’s the “I may know something you don’t know’ syndrome…
  • Convenience and freedom to act whenever convenient: Catalogues may be used to promote limited offers but the onus to act is completely on the buyer. They can even take a catalogue, put it in their bag and mull over it later.

Catalogues offer the luxury of easily accessible information that can be used for reference and comparison by any age group, at any time, without any gadgets or wifi.

ContentFactory makes catalogue copy that is:

  • Persuasive: We arouse interest, keep it there and then surprise them with the offer of a lifetime. That’ll differentiate your catalogue from all others in the market.
  • Focused: Every bit of information in the catalogue is only about the benefits of the product or service in the catalogue. Tangible and intangible benefits to the user.
  • Thematic: We use themes and concepts to ensure your customer picks up and reads your catalogue.
  • Tailored: We study your distribution list carefully to understand the language, pain points and tone of your typical customer. Then we write.
  • Eye-catching: Our content is attractively formatted and easy to absorb. It’s also hard to forget.
  • Customer oriented: We make the customer the focal point, and everything else revolves around him/her.
  • Action-inducing: We offer easy steps towards guidance or purchase in a manner that can’t be resisted!

Don’t believe us? Here are some samples/testimonials…
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