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There are millions of emails flooding people’s inbox every day. Some are recognized and read while others are mercilessly directed to the spam folder or worse, cursed into the trash!

ContentFactory is a team that will make sure your email is read, valued, and acted upon, generating a growing business for you!

But first, why do companies and individuals spend so much time and effort in email marketing efforts?

  • Economical and ecological: No other marketing or promotional media is cheaper than creating an email marketing system. It helps save investments, resources, and planets! No more expensive printing and waste of brochures, letters, catalogs and the like.
  • It fosters business prospects and content reinforcement: For every marketing effort to reach its potential, it’s good if those efforts are directed to interested audiences who are likely to buy. This well-directed approach is ideal for developing business prospects. Content reinforcement refers to placing high quality content right in front of your customers’ eyes, using multiple platforms, where email marketing is important.

Email campaigns make it easy to target specific groups for different communications, from anywhere in the world, in seconds.

  • Can be tracked and managed easily: Easy email to refer back, check success rate, and share with others.
  • Offer a personalized call to action: Personalized email with a dedicated call-to-action button is a very effective conversion method.

Not surprisingly, email marketing is considered the top marketing tool that offers the best ROI

This is how ContentFactory will help you create a successful email campaign –

By including content that has:

  1. Subject lines that increase the opening level: We create a charming, personal, and relevant subject line that says everything in 50 characters. When the subject line itself triggers the reader to act, it is the winning email!
  2. A copy of the benefits of the body: Reading about the tangible and unreal benefits of a product or service is far more interesting than just a list of features. We explain how customer life can improve through your product or service, making it a win-win proposition for you and your clients.
  3. The first person speaks: We talk directly to the consumer who makes it the focus of communication. This increases the reader to a dominant position where he feels ready to make decisions based on the buyer.
  4. Vocabulary and relevant structure: Words used by target buyers are significant and can include industry jargon and simple vocabulary. We also ensure our email content consists of perfect grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.
  5. Scanned content: People do not have time to read every word in an email. We format and highlight to help readers scan and take the spotlight.
  6. Effective call-to-action: Incentives that encourage quick actions are easily emailed. Therefore, we create personalized offers that are hard to resist and easy to use.

You can use email marketing campaigns to:

  • Introduction or welcome email
  • New updates or announcements
  • Mailer or regular direct bulletin
  • Social media-related email
  • Event invitation or event announcement
  • Thanks, subscribe email
  • Send email generation

Let’s discuss your email copywriting requirements at the earliest so we can arrive at the best content solution for your product or service. Please contact us!

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