Content SEO Strategy

Effectively Shaping Your Content SEO Strategy

One of the main pillars of content marketing is a sound SEO strategy.  There are four key considerations around which a strong SEO strategy is built: a) technical SEO, which covers the crawling and indexing aspects of your site’s content; b) content, which tells how well your content addresses the needs/concerns of your prospects; c) on-page optimization, which indicates the optimization of your content & HTML and d) off-site optimization, which involves establishing credibility & driving more quality traffic through link building.

How does SEO enhance content marketing?

  • By making content easily marketable
    Your content works to your advantage only when your desired audience consumes it, which will happen when it is marketable.
  • By increasing hits, time spent on page, and shares
    More hits, higher time-on-page and improved likes/shares indicate that your users are finding it worthwhile and engaging with your site in a better way.
  • By encouraging quality and fresh content
    High-quality and fresh content is what the search engines look for because it delivers value to the user.
  • By pushing you to use keywords
    Most of your users land up on your site through certain keywords; sensible use of the right keywords means more quality traffic.
  • By showing you benefits of links and offsite references
    More backlinks imply higher relevance and authority, which improves the chance of higher page rankings on the SERPs.
  • By optimizing content
    On-page optimization entails tailoring the content for the search engines from top to bottom of the page, thereby increasing its overall value and relevance.


We will devise SEO strategies for you by:

  1. Defining SEO objectives
    Why are you doing SEO in the first place? Do you wish to enhance brand visibility, simply build an e-mail list or improve reach & response? Clearly defining the objectives upfront is the key to success in content marketing.
  2. Brainstorming for topics and keywords
    Analysis and research, together with interacting with your team, helps us in finding out the most useful topics and the most relevant keywords. 
  3. Defining required content types
    Every business is different, and so are its needs. By studying your business, industry type and other relevant factors, we spell out the most relevant content types.
  4. Creating content calendar
    Adopting a systematic, thoughtful approach, we assist you to create the most effective content calendar that will ensure the seamless creation and flow of content throughout the year.

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