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Conversion-focused Content for PPC Adwords

 Pay-per-click ads are a way to advertise your product or service in which you pay every time someone clicks on your ad.  AdWords operates on a pay-per-click model, in which users bid on keywords and pay for each click on their advertisements.

A pay-per-click campaign helps you attract a higher number of Unique Visitors (UVs) to your site with lesser upfront investment underlined by high ROI. As the ad text plays a pivotal role in gaining higher CTR and higher conversion, at ContentFactory, we focus on creating high-performance, non-branded text ads.

It’s interesting to see how much play have you got when it comes to creating ad text for AdWords.  It’s 95 characters net: 25 characters for your headline and 70 characters for two description lines (each of 35 chars). Not much scope, really. You need to be at your creative and strategic best to make the most of your text ad.

As can be easily gauged from the above reality check, the task of creating text ads is challenging, both creatively and technically. Since this is a highly competitive space, we create content for PPC ads via a proven process:

  1. Keyword research
    Finding profit-driving new keywords continually is crucial to make your Adwords campaign viable and results-focused.
  2. Target audience parameters
    Who are you targeting with this campaign? And ideally, what would they be looking for in your text ads. It is pertinent to create ads that address these two key questions.
  3. The ad that has:
  • Title – The headline or title is what people will first look at; making it catchy and keyword-driven is vital
  • Offer – A psychological tactic to create urgency and instil fear of losing out if  users don’t click
  • Credibility – Aspects such as the number of years you have been in business or endorsement of your brand by respected associations adds to the credibility
  • Call-to-action – Creating an effective CTA that tells your users what to do precisely to get the benefit; an element of urgency will consolidate its value
  • URLs – The display URL ranks up as a significant aspect of a PPC ad and according to studies, gets eyeballs (more gaze time)
  • Pricing – It’s a crowded, clutter and saturated marketplace; you need to be price competitive to get transactional clicks from your PPC campaign

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