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‘Pull’ – The New Mantra of Marketing

As a strategic business function, marketing has witnessed a paradigm shift in recent years. The traditional, push-products-in-their-face style of marketing (outbound) is giving way to ‘pull’ or inbound marketing, where customers come to you through search engines, social channels and other digital media intersections. Against the backdrop of this transformation, content marketing services and content-driven ads have occupied center stage in positioning brands and growing business.

The online consumer demands information to stay engaged or get involved, rather than the promise of something BIGGER! BETTER! CHEAPER! Content-driven advertising caters to this intellectual need while aiming for increased sales. Advertising based on captivating content lures the viewer rather than pushing a product in her face. Today’s consumers want helpful, credible, insightful and entertaining inputs.

Content-Driven vs Traditional Advertising – Key Benefits

Content-driven advertisements resonate far longer than traditional ‘old school’ ads. The following points clearly bring out this fact:

  • A traditional ad will stop running once the ad campaign is over. On the other hand, content has a higher shelf life, and people can refer, even weeks or months after it is originally published.
  • Good, high-quality content is shareable, which helps expand your audience base.
  • Content is amenable to personalization, enabling you to target specific audience segments with greater efficacy. Mainline media ads are based on a one-size-fits-all perspective, making them less effective
  • Content has the power to inform, educate and entertain the audience, whereas regular ads don’t have that innate capability.

Taking into account the evolutionary landscape and leveraging our credible expertise in marketing and advertising, ContentFactory creates content-driven ads that help you:

  •  Initiate a two-way dialogue with your prospects
  •  Inform, educate or entertain them
  •  Bring more value through personalization & customization
  • Optimize media spend
  • Garner higher ROI

Some ways to drive advertising through cleverly crafted content:

  • Blog on tips to maintain a convertible in local weather with a video insert of the latest BMW 2 series
  • Guide on home improvement with ad inserts on the latest Dulux shade in the market
  • Recipes of snack options using oats with a video insert of Quaker products

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