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A captivating video that blooms to life, as each frame unfolds before your eyes is the most potent audio-visual tool to promote your business. But do you know what keeps this spectacular display alive?

A good video script acts as the dominant stem and structure for every explainer video.

A video script connects the dots, adds value and gives meaning to video footage. It also sets the tone, educates audiences and tells them what to do next!

The video script writers at ContentFactory can catch the pulse and complete the picture with the right words for voiceovers and written content that is:

  • Captivating from the word ‘go’

We know that viewer connection is established in the first 30 seconds of a video. It’s our job to hook viewers and hold their interest until the end.

  • Crisp and short

Since videos offer an overload of audio and visual stimuli, viewers have limited mindspace for complicated word accompaniment. So, we keep our video scripts crisp and to the point.

  • Focused on messaging and action

We identify key messaging and build our video scripts around these, along with call-to-action lines. These give better results and do not confuse viewers or keep them hanging.

  • Direct talk works well

Every effective video script speaks directly to the viewer, making it more convincing, personal and persuasive.

  • Enhancing and effective

Our video scripts make your videos look better and work harder.

If you are planning to make an impactful video, remember to involve us from the initial stages of storyboarding. But if you already have a video and now need narration or captions, we can help you with that too.

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