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Proven Guidelines for Effective Social Media Content Making

Serve up reader-worthy content for your fans and followers

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram…the list of social media channels out there is growing by the day. As the importance of social media and innovative use of social media tools grows, content creation for social media has gone beyond hashtags and is reaching new heights.

Are you creating shareable content? Digging a bit deeper, what actually motivates readers to appreciate and share content? There is some solid science behind this. There is some solid science behind this. In fact, research has shown that several psychological triggers inspire people to do certain actions and make peculiar decisions.

Social media caters to a highly involved and connected consumer, in a predominantly B2C market. This audience is aware, up-to-date, has limited time and makes quick decisions. At ContentFactory, we are aware of the behavioural idiosyncrasies of digital users. We also know that to deliver real value, your business must create fresh posts for multiple social media profiles. Therefore, we make social media content that is:

  • Relevant, topical
    Keeping a fresh ‘brand feed’ is crucial to make people interested in your communication.
  • Emotional
    With typically milli-second time spans to engage and convert, it is paramount to arouse the right emotions in your prospects’ minds. Hitting at their insecurities and touching at their hope, fear and greed…will make people click on the CTA button.
  • Thought provoking
    Thought provoking content makes a deep connection with your users; it gets in the mind and is for real.
  • Action inducing
    Does your content help users learn and get better at something? Does it tell how to apply the tips, tricks and techniques right away?

Social media content formats

There are several styles (or formats) to publish your content on social media. Though the decision to when and where to publish what style depends on initial strategy work, examples of typical formats for social media content include:

  • Statistics
  • Questions
  • Polls and feedback
  • Quotes
  • Testimonial
  • Tips
  • Personal note
  • Newsflash
  • Industry insight
  • Congratulatory
  • Opinions


Innovative formats

Like almost everything else in life, it’s the same with social media content: people like it when it’s presented in a new way. Now banish the boring! Here are some innovative, emerging content formats that create an uptick in users’ interest levels:

  • Interactive Infographics
  • Morphing GIFs
  • Bubble Graphs
  • Transitional Image Sliders
  • Cinemagraphs
  • Snapchat Stories

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