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E-mail marketing has been around since the time emails were invented. However, emailing was never looked at as a sustained marketing campaign.

Courtesy big data and analytics, brands today have never-before insights into the consumer psyche.  

Applying these insights in conjunction with e-mail automation, organizations can leverage the power of e-mail marketing to deliver the right content to the right consumer at precisely the right moment through personalized e-mails.

Today email tools are used for a variety of business functions via strategic email marketing campaigns.

They are utilized:

  • To initiate customer relationships

Reach out to new prospects, start a communication channel, build trust, nurture the relationship, ultimately enhancing brand engagement.

  • To solidify business deals

Say a deal is in the works and you want to nail it. E-mails are a powerful asset to achieve this in a smart, subtle way.

  • For personalized communication

Different marketing messages are intended for different consumers; personalization enables you to deliver relevant, timely messages that easily sync with individual consumers’ needs and preferences.

  • To maintain a consolidated database

Create and consolidate a database of useful consumer personal information for future business use.

  • Manage feedback surveys, event invites

Conduct market research and manage event invites through RSVP.

  • To keep track of customer behaviour – who’s reading what, which emails are being deleted, etc.

Discover what your customers are up to, what are their latest fantasies or dislikes, etc.

ContentFactory brings dedicated e-mail marketing services underlined by powerful anti-spam features, multi-channel delivery and excellent open rates.

ContentFactory will assist you in creating:

  • Impressive, professional email templates

Eye-catching templates that rise above the visual clutter have the power to hook your audience and generate a positive response.

  • Content for mass email exercises

Get concise, compelling content and reach out to your customers and contacts through bulk mailing.

  • Email newsletter content

E-mail newsletters serve as an excellent customer connect initiative; we provide exciting content for your e-mail newsletter.

  • Email tracking

Get notified through instant alerts the moment your prospects open your e-mail.

  • Harmony between your social media marketing and e-mail marketing

It is crucial to achieving cohesion between the messages delivered across your social media channels and through your email campaign.

  • Surveys, funding, coupons, invites via e-mails

Want to test the market pulse through an online survey? Wish to raise funds for a charity event? Desire to distribute coupons for an entertainment show?

Whatever your need, we design and execute a targeted e-mail campaign that helps you achieve your specific objectives.


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