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You may have considered launching a company newsletter but could never really grasp the advantages of this time-consuming exercise. And how much time and effort does it really require to churn out monthly or quarterly pieces of information that readers can look forward to in their mailboxes?

ContentFactory is here to break it down for you by highlighting the many benefits of a company newsletter and taking away the tedious task of regular newsletter copywriting from you!

What do company or individual newsletters actually do?

  • Gradually build and consistently nurture business relationships
  • Create and maintain brand recall
  • Promote upsell activities (taking purchases to the next level with add-ons, better versions, value deals etc.)
  • Reach out to multiple stakeholders – employees, investors, clients, vendors, government bodies and more
  • Create grateful customers who can utilise the valuable nuggets of information that you offer them as go-to solutions in their lives.
  • Establish industry leadership through original research, analysis and opinion pieces
  • Encourage site referrals by interlinking

The key to a successful newsletter campaign is content that is well researched, easy to absorb beneficial, conversational and action-inducing.

ContentFactory will create newsletter content for you that is:

  1. Informative: All the top industry insights when available in one source of information, serves as a ready reckoner for your database. We provide valuable information that is credible, up to date and helpful.
  2. Focused and well directed: Each section or page in your newsletter will be dedicated to one single topic or central idea to make it easier for readers to fully understand the relevant topic..
  3. Impressive vocabulary, grammar, structure: A well written, error-free newsletter is looked forward to and appreciated by everyone. We strive to simplify things and avoid jargon.
  4. First person narrative: We speak directly to your reader. This helps the newsletter to do its job of establishing and enhancing relationships.
  5. Use of pictures and graphics: A visually impressive and explanatory newsletter makes the best impact. We suggest suitable images to support the content and create an attractive final product.
  6. Sale inductive: Call to action steps or links to enquire for further information on products or services can be included in your newsletter.

All you need to keep ready is:

  • Positioning: What is the need gap your newsletter is filling in its current industry stance?
  • Intention: What do you wish to achieve from your newsletter campaign?
  • Offerings: What value-add will you provide to your readers with each edition?
  • Frequency: How often will your newsletter be sent out?
  • Target audience: Who are you addressing via your newsletter? Who do you aspire to address?
  • Design: Does your design and layout project the right image?

You may contact us for a meeting to help you decide your newsletter objectives before we help you with the content. We would be more than happy to help.

Sounds good? Get in touch with our specialists to know how we can make your website work hard for you.

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