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Many pieces of written content can be considered articles and all of them can be beneficial to building your brand. The trick is in knowing which type of article to use, via which medium, for maximum impact.

Not to worry… ContentFactory will not only explain to you the kind you require but will also go ahead and write it all for you!

But first, how can articles help your brand?

Articles facilitate to establish a market presence

Blogs, profile pieces, interviews or even creative stories can tell your tale without sounding irrelevant or unnecessary. When people are let in by way of content that talks about how your company was formed, the inspiration behind your concept, your vision for the future, or your team players, they find it easier to trust you. Information such as this is a good foundation to build a brand and develop its personality by expressing its origin, functions and ultimate goals.

Articles provide organic search engine optimisation

As long as your articles include well-researched keywords, are easy to read and well structured, you can publish about anything, and it will give you the necessary traction. As you continue to publish more, this will add to your online credibility and expand your linking options. Also, one article can be re-posted on multiple platforms increasing your reach and making search engines like you even more!

Online articles differ from traditional print. Articles for the web need to not only be attention attracting, informative, and fun to read, but they are also required to keep up with search engine algorithms, naturally utilise keywords, stick to traction building rules and somehow make money too!

ContentFactory are the specialists who’ve figured out the trick behind combining the art of article writing with the science of online copy.

Here is what makes our online articles a step ahead of the rest:

  1. Emotion: In humans (unlike robots), emotions provide the filter that decides that which information is likely to be absorbed and what ought to be dismissed. This is precisely why product or service benefits are more likely to trigger more interest and even a sale over a list of features. Benefits lead to feelings and emotional reactions in your potential customers as do well-crafted interviews, customer reviews, blogs or guides.
  2. Persuasion: Once an emotional connect is established, persuasion via meaningful content that gives adequate information to develop a relationship or induce action, is easier. Readers prefer to receive information that enables them to make informed decisions in their own time.
  3. Comprehensiveness: Complicated or winding content turns the reader off. We create brief capsules of data that are easy to digest and recall. Each paragraph offers value to the piece, and each sentence plays an important role in its creation.
  4. Optimisation: Writing for the net requires knowledge of SEO practices and Content Marketing techniques. We ensure our articles are equipped with keywords, metadata, headlines, formats and content that will rock your online rating.
  5. Consistency: Articles posted once in a blue moon don’t stand much of a chance of adding any value to your readers or your brand. What you need is a regular article posting campaign that consistently contributes towards your wealth of online content. Our team of writers work in unison to create vast quantities of quality content for this purpose over a sustained period of time.

Some common types of articles and why you may need them:

  • Blog posts: Casual insights into specific genres and industries with step by step guides, tips or bullet points on mastering various related topics.
  • Infographics: Well researched, detailed data on specialised or technical topics requiring graphs, diagrams, images and the like to make the required points.
  • Letters: A creative way to express selective thoughts, ideas and points of view, that the target audience can resonate with, to a specific party.
  • Research pieces: Content with statistics, the in-depth information offering valuable takeaways for the reader.
  • Interviews: One on one interactions with knowledgeable spokespeople who can give insights into a particular industry, issue, community or themselves in order to familiarise readers with the subject matter.
  • Profiles: Third person write-ups with salient points of a particular location or personality.
  • Case studies: Examples of people or organisations with a problem and the process towards finding successful solutions using an idea, method or particular technology.
  • Creative stories: Imaginative, sometimes fictitious pieces that appeal to the visionary senses of the reader that can be used for entertainment and intellectual stimulation.
  • Customer reviews: Testimonials via real-life users to allow happy customers to speak for themselves. A highly effective way to promote a service or product.
  • How-to guides: Educational pieces related to your business that add value to the reader as an indirect selling technique.
  • DIY notes: Similar to how-to guides, DIY notes involve readers and allow them to utilise their abilities. These can be empowering and highly beneficial to the right target audience.
  • Product reviews: Expert analysis of products or services with practical inputs via personal trials.
  • White papers: Formal analysis and report on a particular topic that gives insight to the reader and helps him or her to understand it and form informed decisions.
  • News reports: Media reports on topical events or announcements in an impersonal manner that only records the facts without opinions.

As you can see, there are many kinds of articles that you can post in order to gain maximum online traction. Let’s discuss your article copywriting and SEO needs via a consultation.

Sounds good? Get in touch with our specialists to know how we can make your website work hard for you.

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