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Why technical copywriting?

Say you are a manufacturer of industrial machines, which are, in turn, used to produce kitchen appliances for the consumer market. If your product copy simply says your machine makes 50 appliances per hour, it will not make a cut with your prospects.

However, a technical copywriter will convey it differently to your customers: ‘your machine’s performance is 2x better than those of your closest competitor’s, which means your production capacity is double, resulting in higher profitability.’

That is perhaps the best reason the technical copywriter community is in demand; if it is complicated or boring, people will just stop reading.


ContentFactory infuses  ‘sense and simplicity’ in its technical copy.  Our writers create easily ingestible copy for even the most complex, tech-heavy products or systems.

Technical copywriters support the marcom initiatives of technology companies and engineering enterprises. They perform a great job of writing convincing, clear and simplified copy for IT solutions (such as software and apps), hi-tech industrial products and some complex B2B systems. Product developers and engineers may write jargon-filled text that is sketchy, but they would not be able to explain the benefits and competitive advantages in a lucid style.

Before potential customers buy your hi-tech products, they will check out your website or packaging copy to know more about it. If they don’t understand it rather quickly and find it to be valuable, they will move on.


Technical writing and technical copywriting – key differentiation points

Technical writers create the reference guides, user manuals, SOP for software & hardware systems. They primarily focus on the ‘how to use’ part of the communication.

Technical copywriters, on the other hand, dwell on the ‘why to use’ part of the brand communication, which seeks to persuade and convince prospects about the value and benefits of your product or system.


Where is technical copywriting needed?

IT businesses, engineering companies and B2B enterprises usually need strong technical copy for:

  • Website
    Precise and persuasive web copy is crucial in driving conversion for technical products and IT systems since 8 out of 10 people will first check out the company website before making a buying decision.
  • Whitepapers
    Whitepapers, which help build credibility and authority in the minds of consumers, can give your content marketing exercise a shot in the arm. This literature calls for proven technical copywriting expertise.
  • Infographics
    Infographics are a great way to convey ideas and concepts quickly, but they are dud without the sharp, supporting snippets of text.
  • Articles and blogs
    To educate and enlighten your audiences and subtly generate leads.
  • Marketing manuals and material
    When it comes to selling your ‘selling points’, technical copy does it best.

ContentFactory creates technical content that is:

  • Simplified yet informative
    Decoding the complexities and making the material practically jargon-free, our technical copywriters creative informative, insightful content.
  • Filled with diagrams, graphs and formatting
    We make dry, dull technical subjects livelier with the help of charts & other graphical elements.
  • Well researched, backed by credible sources
    Our writers plan and prepare a great deal through in-depth research.
  • Designed for the reader
    With a clear focus on the needs and perceptions of readers, they make it Interesting and enlightening.

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