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That’s a great idea! Your eBook!

Publishing an authored eBook is the best way to establish a Thought Leader stance in your industry. We support your decision.

However, making or writing a successful eBook may not be as easy as it seems.

You may need help putting down your ideas and making sense of it all. Plus the copy has to impress your readers and attract subscribers, or else that’s a whole lot of hard work and great concepts down the drain…

ContentFactory is where you will find eBook copywriters who will support you to accurately compose your eBook, efficiently and economically.

The process for getting your eBook written by us:

  1. Decide on a topic: Preferably one that you are highly familiar with and have prior knowledge about. We will help you give it a title.
  2. Know your main points: It helps if you have a basic structure or flow in place. We can assist you in brainstorming to retrieve the chapter titles of your eBook.
  3. Tell us about your target audience: When we know who we are speaking to, it makes it easier to decide the tone and language of the copy.
  4. Hand over your inputs: You will be required to share with us all the information and data points needed to construct the eBook. Details such as page numbers, number of chapters etc. will also be discussed.
  5. Sit back and see what transpires: We, in turn, will be sharing each chapter with you as we write.

Soon you will have your very own eBook!

You may want to get to know the team that’ll be working on your eBook.

If you have any more queries about making an eBook, you may visit our FAQs section or contact us directly for a consultation.

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