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Professional Copywriting Agency for Content Marketing Services in Singapore

Copywriting crafted especially for Content Marketing carries great responsibilities on its shoulders.

ContentFactory is here to ease you off such troubles by creating the perfect, professional copy to suit all your Content Marketing needs.

Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) definition of ‘Content Marketing’ encompasses the way in which ContentFactory writes all content intended towards marketing.

Their definition says:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”.

Hence, our content is:

  • In line with your strategy:
    When you discuss your content requirements with us, we take into account the avenues and frequency of the content to be dispersed. Only then, is the content planned and written.
  • Relevant to your marketing tool:
    Every content marketing tool requires a unique format of content for maximum effect. Every piece of content is written to suit the mode in which it is to be distributed. Website copy, blogs, articles, video scripts, press releases or even newsletters are all created in their unique way, keeping in mind their individual nuances and distribution channels.
  • Valuable and relevant:
    Your target audience – their preferences and needs are considered when content is being written. Easy to read sentences, simplified terms, arresting openings, and convincing conclusions lead to a valuable user experience for your readers.
  • Specialised in marketing and to your industry
    ContentFactory writers are marketing specialists who are conversant with Public Relations, Advertising, Direct Marketing and Digital Marketing. These skills assist us in delivering the most saleable content for your product or service. We are also experienced in writing for a wide variety of clients from a range of industries.
  • Call to action:
    Marketing is about enchanting and educating audiences to finally induce sales. All our marketing content is equipped with sale conversion tactics to ensure your business spells profits.

If you have a Content Marketing plan in place, we can assist you with the required Content. Likewise, if you need a whole Content Creation and Content Marketing campaign, we can handle that for you as well!

You may have a look at some of our successful content marketing case studies.

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