Our Team

Mayuresh Godse
Founder & Principal Consultant

Mayuresh Godse is the Founder of ContentFactory. An aggressive advocate of quality content and web optimization, he is a seasoned content architect who brings thought leadership to content marketing. He leads a team of content creators and digital marketing experts, working passionately to bring an uptick in conversions.

Mayuresh is also an Expert Singapore Certified Management Consultant (ESCMC) with a successful consulting and entrepreneurial track-record. In his career spanning over 24 years, he has helped many companies in Singapore, India, and the USA with his expertise in formulating Business Strategy and translating it through effective marketing channels in the Digital as well as Traditional media.

Mayuresh brings with him a holistic approach and a unique assortment of strengths. His knowledge and insights built up over time are a result of strong academic foundation coupled with hands-on experience in advertising and web content development. He has led creative teams that designed successful advertising campaigns for product launches, IPO’s, corporate image building and sales promotion events.   He has worked with the top management of organizations in the fields of IT, Manufacturing, Automobile, Education, Real Estate, Finance, Non-profit and Government.

Currently Mayuresh Godse offers his Management Consulting, Content Marketing and SEO services to Singapore-based and SE Asian companies.


Prashant Joshi
Senior Writer & Chief Editor

Prashant is a seasoned copy/content writer who has spent 15+ years in the industry. Starting out with a major publishing house, he later worked as a content creator and consultant for many organizations. His repertoire of skills includes ideation for ad campaigns, support for brand identity design, content & script writing, editing, content curation and project management.

He has cultivated a simple yet smart writing style; his prolific writing has the ability to communicate thoughts clearly and interestingly. Prashant is a stickler for quality, whose expertise also includes copy editing and optimizing it for the web. He guides colleagues in writing lean copy that is aligned with the project’s goals and clients’ expectations.

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